Saturday, October 30, 2010

Valo 4 Life and filipino hospitality.

I went blading in the city at golden gate park.  I had never bladed with anyone in the circle I was with that day.  New spots and new people.  Chicago, Iowa, Colorado, New York, Montana.  Just like how food connects random people at the dinner table, we bladed obstacles unconcerned about nationality, background, and looked to shred the best way we knew how.  People fed off of each other's energy.  Looking at obstacles a certain way trying to figure out a way to challenge ourselves.

Then I got to get my favorite Northern Californian beer, Racer 5.  Dark ale and hoppy.  I also found "It's-It".  Being a large ice-cream fan, there really isn't another ice-cream sandwich like it.  Two oatmeal cookies that sandwich a cappuccino, vanilla, or chocolate ice-cream flavor.  Then dipped in Chocolate.  After consuming these two items I knew I was doing Frisco proper.  

While everyone was getting ready, I went to check into my hotel and then took the BART to 16th and Mission where the premiere was at.

After climbing the mountain of stairs, surfacing to the Frisco streets of Mission, turning the corner it was surreal to see a real actual theater.  Marquee in bright lights announcing the premiere of not just a movie, a blading movie, that brought together so many people during the process.

Jon Julio, the boss, showed how important hospitality is and brought food to the theatre to share for those that came through.  Filipino finger foods, Lumpia, Shrimp balls, Pork buns, and Fried Chicken.  The lumpia brought me back to filipino family parties when I was in Grade school, with all of the cousins and 2nd cousins coming together, eating Filipino buffet style. 
 The sweet shrimp balls was breaded with coconut.
 The chicken was not breaded.  The food was held out for a bit, so I got it while it was cold.  I did catch the crispy exterior with the moist interior feeling. 

The Lumpia was soggy.  Just the way I like it.  The sweet and sour sauce is a must with Lumpia.  

Then there was the party outside before the movie started. It was good to see my friends from all over the country, as we spent a few minutes catching up with each other. 

 I was going to sit next to Ichii.  But, then I went to get food and got my seat jacked. 

So, I sat next to these dudes. 

The countdown.  Hard to believe that the movie was coming up.  Daily looking at the valo site, watching the numbers count down, the anticipation was too much.  Everyone in the stands cheering, screaming, for two minutes straight.  Then it came...3...2...1...  the movie started.