Friday, September 24, 2010

Stokley's Top Ramen. -Supplement to "Food for Feet" article

In my recent article in Blade or Die, I discuss the healthier options of Top Ramen.  To supplement some of the alternative's mentioned, I am privileged to share Valo-Brand "support" rider, Erik Stokley's, way of making the popular Japanese noodle soup.

He was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago hanging at movie maker, Brandon Negrete's, filming for the very much anticipated movie, 4 Life, that is releasing on October 29th.  (If you haven't pre-ordered tickets, you could do so by emailing here today, and receive a ticket with your favorite team rider!)  Erik is also working on Negrete's upcoming movie that has already accumulated a lot of amazing footage.

Stokley is currently couch surfing, somewhere in California, blading whenever he wants, unpaid.  Surviving on a budget is feasible, it is just a different lifestyle.  He was cool enough to share how he does ramen, drained.  He may not know it, but, this method is a healthy alternative to avoid all of the sodium found in the seasoning packets.

Stokley Behind the Stove

After His Noodles are 'Al Dente' (Italian for: 'to the tooth') he drains the liquid.

In a buttered Saute Pan the noodles are tossed in Soy Sauce and Teriyaki Marinade.

Look at that Steam!

Stokeley's Top Ramen
Feeds:1 person
Ingredients                                Amounts
Top Ramen Shrimp Flavor             1 Ea.
Water                                           2 Cups
Black Pepper                                1 tsp.
Soy Sauce                                     3 Tbsp.
Teriyaki Marinade                         2 Tbsp.
Butter                                          1 Tbsp.

1.Bring water to a boil and add noodles and seasoning packet till al'dente.  
2.  Drain liquid from the noodles. 
3.  In a separate Saute Pan melt butter and add cooked noodles. 
4.  Toss noodles in Soy Sauce and Teriyaki marinade. 
5.  Serve hot and cool noodles as to not burn your tongue.