Thursday, September 30, 2010

Porter Gallery

Every first friday of the month, Porter Gallery, a Long Beach art studio, features artists that have creative freedom to do anything they desire to this loft.  It also allows a space for locals to hang out at on friday night. 

The artist this Friday features, J. Damron,  as he showcases his work themed according to this title, "Provisions, Ice Sled Escort".  The show will include an ice-sled, medical packs, and a slide to bring this all together. 

Chef Mike Obedoza will be providing hor'douvres for the show.  The menu was made to supplement the art.

Mexican hot chocolate (things to drink when ice-sledding)

Pear - Ginger Tarts (Ginger has medical qualities - medical packs)

Smoked Salmon Dill Dream Cheese Canapes  (Ice-Sled dogs are fed Salmon for the high fat content)

Mixed Nuts (who doesn't like nuts in their mouth?)