Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gale's Tomato Tarts

Having to survive without mom and/or parent/guardian is an adjustment.  There are the plus sides of unlimited freedom; smoking indoors, underage drinking, and having girls sleep over without having to sneak them through the window.  After a few months the place that is being inhabited shows sign of something missing.  The dishes are piled up, re-used underwear is starting to become disgusting, and the stain on the wall from that one party still won't come off.  Where's a mother when you need one?

Kruise Sapstein, Chicago native, moved to Long Beach two years ago.  His mother Gale who currently lives in Chicago, came to visit.  Like any wonderful mother she felt the need to take care of her boy.  She blessed him with a sparkling clean kitchen, new undershirts and underwear, and of course a warm meal.  

For the Hor-dourve she made Tomato and Thyme Tarts that celebrate how amazing Tomatoes are in the month of August.  The buttery richness from the puff pastry and fresh herbs had me running for fourths.  Recipe follows...

Gale's Thyme Tomato Tarts
Yields: 15 servings

Ingredients                    Amounts
Tomato, sliced                       3 ea.
Thyme, fresh, chopped        1 Tbsp.
Olive Oil                              2 Tbsp.
Puff Pastry                           1 Sheet

1.  Heat Oven to 350°F.  Spray sheet pan with non-stick spray.
2.  Lay Puff Pastry over sheet pan.  Brush pastry with Olive Oil.  Lay slices of Tomatoes.
3.  Sprinkle with chopped Thyme.
4.  Cook pastry for 15 minutes or until edges have become golden brown.  Slice around tomatoes and serve to your guests.  

The household and guest.