Friday, September 3, 2010

Chano's in Downtown Los Angeles

Southern California is overloaded with Mexican restaurants.  On my travels around the U.S., latin food is done best closest to Mexico.  One of the cheap fast food restaurants that do it better than some of the sit down places on the east coast is Chano's. 

Chano's is located in a heavily Mexican populated area.  Deafening sirens from several police cars screamed past us within the 15 minutes we were there to order our food.  We chose to take our food to go.  

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 The menu is simple with tacos and burritos that is affordable to the starving blader.  Carnitas (pork) and Carne Asada (steak) is the cash cow targeted towards the American diner.  Menudo and lengua (tongue) taco options is for the daring, but Mexicans would agree that these are their best kept tasty secrets.   I chose to get "Today's Special" Carnitas Burrito with a drink, seen in the orange sign in the picture below.  Restaurants that hold dear to my heart have the Horchata (rice and cinnamon) and Orange bang drink choice.  Orange bang was ordered with my combo. 

Similar to drugs, my food came in a brown bag. 

The burrito was perfectly sized.  Not to big, not to small, and fit right in the palm of my hand.  It was extremely greasy which was everything I had expected.  The Pico de gallo; tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, with chunks of avocado cut the grease.  The refried beans and Carnitas gave me the overwhelming stuffed feeling that I earned from blading hard that day.  The over sized Jalapeno gave an extra kick to an already delicious burrito.   

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