Thursday, September 16, 2010

Carson Edit

Up, Up, and Away from Joel Buenavista on Vimeo.

Carson is my hometown.  A suburb outside of Long Beach in the Los Angeles county, located south of Compton.  Just far enough to avoid any random drive-by shootings.  Still close enough to make sure that no one is following you.  Cause before you know it, someone, armed and dangerous, is running up behind you to jack (rob) your fresh Nike's.

Before building the blade-park the Carson Bladers hung out at a recreational park, Veterans.  The park had ledges we called the pits that was named after a wading pool in Venice Beach, CA.  It was the only place that housed 50 plus hoodlums that were trying to keep away from gangs but, were still willing to punch out anyone that walked by and looked at the homey (friend) funny.

The after-school Blade sessions with kids that had nothing to lose were intense.  Growth was supported but, tricks that lacked style was laughed at, with or without you.   Now Blading for 12 plus years I have seen many people come and go.  The park might have changed a little bit, but, 10 years ago I never thought that I'd still be getting the opportunity to do what I love.  To blade our local park, meet new kids, and hang out with some of the old people I still call family.