Thursday, August 12, 2010

Woodward Food

Cafeteria food is currently being redesigned to ensure that the next generation is being provided beneficial and delicious food.  It is in my hopes that in the near future, Woodward's cafeteria food will be one institution that many kids go through without having to wonder what's the mystery in the Mystery Meat.  For now, as a starving Blader/bum, free food is better than no food.

The day normally begins here at the blade park.

Lunch is served around noon by these young volunteers.

There is also a salad bar that was untouched.

B. Smith's face on my plate of food.  Justin feeling as disgusted as we are. 

Victor Arias showing how he does his burger. 

Large slices of Deli Ham with Pineapples was the most creative thing on this plate.  The flavors go extremely well together, but Deli Ham being served as a protein without being warmed up was disappointing.  Green Beans and Carrots could have been awesome if they were seasoned.  The Scalloped potatoes were what I was looking forward to most if they were steaming and burning my tongue.  Burgers were build it yourself, as condiments laid outside.   The food is definitely cheap and I was not there to wear a Chef Toque.  I was there to blade so I ate and shut my mouth.  Luckily I had no indications of food poisoning.  What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

The drink selection.  This fountain machine was juice only.  

Valo week at Woodward edit is currently being worked on.