Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Special - Mission Figs

Nearing the end of August, September awaits.  Summer is coming to a close as Autumn sets us up for Winter.  One of the fruits that peak during this transitional time of the year are Figs.  These fruits are voluptuous, gummy in texture with an earthy sweetness.  The fruit can be prepared for sweet or savory dishes.  Here we'll be using them for a refreshing summer salad for lunch. 

Mission Figs

This recipe was a special made for the golf course I currently work at.  Limited on ingredients, instead of Arugula greens that pair well with Figs, Spinach was a great substitute.  Bleu cheese is sharp in flavor.  The cheese cuts through the richness of the Fig. Candied pecans contribute a contrast in texture.  Salty cheese, sweet pecans, tartness from the apples contributed to  the amazing taste of the figs.  

Fig-Apple Spinach salad with Bleu Cheese and Pecans tossed in a Balsamic vinaigrette.  
Yield: 1 portion

Ingredients                                      Amounts
For the Vinaigrette:
Balsamic Vinegar                              2    Tbsp
Olive Oil                                          4    Tbsp

For the Salad:
Spinach                                            3/4  Cup
Balsamic Vinaigrette                        1/4  Cup
Apple, Red Delicious, slices              1/2  ea.
Bleu Cheese                                       2   Tbsp
Pecans                                               1   Tbsp.
Figs, sliced                                        3   ea.  

For the Vinaigrette:
1.  Slowly drizzle oil into Balsamic vinegar, while whisking, to emulsify the two liquids. 

For the Salad:
1.   In a non-reactive stainless steel bowl place spinach and apple slices.  Toss greens with the vinaigrette ensuring all leaves are coated.
2.  Place dressed greens onto a plate.  Garnish with Bleu Cheese, pecans and sliced figs.
3.  Enjoy.