Sunday, August 15, 2010

Straightjackit tour

Similiar to the recent release of the movie, "The Expendables", that includes every memorable action packed superstar, Adam Johnson has taken Blading's finest super stars across the U.S. known as the Vibralux Denim Tour.

With only a few dollars the crew has been visiting friends throughout the country blading, drinking, finding floor space, being "single", and has even replaced the secret service to protect our president, Jon Julio.  The pack has recently arrived in Southern California and was scattered throughout Long Beach.

Their arrival to Redondo Beach.  

Watching Chris do this huge drop kink rail by the beach.  


I was privileged to meet the dream team after work at UCI a few days ago.  One of the funnest sessions I had ever been to with all of my favorite people at one of my favorite blade spots.  My dorky clip is at the end.  Check it out.