Saturday, August 28, 2010

Red Bull Flugtag and Pizza Pi

The Red Bull Flugtag came to Long Beach.  Red Bull normally has extreme events.  The Soap box races and air races are thrilling to watch.  The Flugtag, on the other hand, was wack.  It was like watching people jump off a high dive on a body board.  Instead we watched people jump off expensive and poorly constructed vehicles.  Watching one jump was enough to get the picture.

Bear Ass. 


Bear Floats.  The end.

To make up for how wack the flugtag was Bonnie, Kruise, and I chose to go get some Italian food at Pizza Pi. 

We ran into Adam Johnson!  Price ranges are decent.  A large pizza can feed 3 people and is up to $15.00.  An individual slice is $2.00 for a nice sized cheese pizza.  Toppings would be extra. A.J. ordered an individual pizza with the works.  He enjoyed every bite and kept his mustache clean.

Lasagna was amazing.  It was under $10.00.  The ricotta cheese was clumped and went extremely well with the rich tomato beef sauce.  The garlic bread was a nice addition. 

The tag team. 

Kruise killing it with the pop it number.