Friday, August 27, 2010

My Birfday Betty White (part 2)

After my sobriety test I had a monster and then ran to my birthday party.  My blader family was there with open arms.  Kruise came out with a cupcake that Bonnie had taken the time to get.  The only candle I blew out.  After sharing my story, a few moments later Betty White came.  Betty is the tour van for the Straight Jackit tour.

B.J., Ken, and Brian.  Carson dudes who got me into blading. 

 Billy's birthday was on the 19th. Mine on the 20th. He literally tagged me in. Here is him, Rhonda, and P.J.

Sean Sea, Fish, K.G., E-Rod, Rachard, and Farm

Betty and A.J. before she got her tattoos. 

Sauer getting a piece.

Catching E.rod having the time of his life.

what a pull. - j.c. Rowe

Billy grabbing some birfday love.

I can't believe they got the windows

Jeff rounding up the troops. 

Driver side.

 Repping the hood.  Blading with Chef Knives. Valo. Carson. Obe!