Monday, August 2, 2010

Los Angeles Mexican Street Carts

Los Angeles mexican street cart vendors come equipped with a humongous ice block for shaved ice with syrup and the wheel chips that I can't find the name for.  There are some vendors that don't have a restaurant rating.  What type of oil were those wheel shaped chips fried in?  Where'd he get that ice-block from? Nutrition facts? For me at least, I just don't question it.  It's cheap, .50 cents for a shaved ice and a dollar for the chips that are flavored with lemon artificial flavoring and some pepper.  People survive on worst and I support small businesses.  It may not be fine dining at a michelin star restaurant, but you cannot get anymore authentic than this.  

Here is Sancho scraping ice with his metal tool. 

I chose blue berry cause I'm a Crip.  =)

Brandon Negrete eating those wheel chip things I still don't know the name for.  They look so lime, tangy, and sweet. (that's keaton newsom in the background)

Eat it.