Thursday, August 19, 2010

Korean BBQ Tacos

Southern California consists of cultures that have came from the east (Asia) and the south (Mexico) bringing with them their cuisine and is then melded together creating Korean BBQ tacos.  Taking my favorite thing from both cultures and then selling it for a $1.00 on Taco Tuesdays was a must see.  Valo support members B. Free, Erik Stokeley, and I went to check it out after the beach.  

You know it's authentic when the cook is from Korea and can't speak a lick of english.  The server was no where to be found and instead of handing us menu's, this Korean Chef lady gave us Long Beach pamphlets.  I had to get up and get menu's to check out what options I had. Here is the sweet lady giving B. Free two chicken tacos and an extra two Bulgogi tacos that he didn't order and didn't have to pay for.  

The Korean table setting consists of a metal spoon and metal chopsticks. Food is normally picked up with the chopsticks and put into the spoon.  From there it is delivered to the mouth. 

I bought three Bulgogi tacos.  The other taco options are chicken, vegetable, and tofu.

"Bulgogi" is Korean BBQ that translates to "fire meat".  Meaning that the marinated cut of meat is literally cooked directly over an open flame.  The slices of meat is typically marinated in soy sauce, ginger, sugar, and sesame oil.  The recipe differs according to the restaurant/family.

The tacos are served in Corn tortillas with a little bit of Kim-Chee and fresh cilantro.  Kim-Chee is spicy fermented cabbage that is delicious and gives a lot of character to the sweet and salty meat. 

Stokley's interpretation of chopsticks as he knocks out $1.00 tower made of chump change.

The deal; price and location.  Long Beach!