Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gypsy Den

Southern California's food scene that is growing right before our eyes is Downtown Santa Ana.  The area has monthly art walks and is surrounded with business locals that like to eat in a class of its own.  Gypsy Den cafe can be found on the end of the art galleries and has created a distinctively unique culture.  This relaxed atmosphere with casually dressed servers is a great place to catch the local scene of North Orange county.

The menu items include sandwiches, soups, salads, fresh pastries made in house, and a Chai tea that will tingle your taste buds with vanilla and cinnamon.  It's vegetarian food without the pretentious eat healthy, no flavor, so stuff it in your mouth, chew quick, and swallow.  The food is amazing and has a reasonable price range for the starving street/culinary artist.  Its a must have breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner if your in the area.

There is a dining area inside and one outside. 

The goat cheese melt is Pita that is stuffed with spinach, roasted bell peppers, Kalamata olives, and goat cheese with roasted potatoes on the side.  The creaminess of the cheese was met well with the sweetness of the peppers.  The olives cut through the creaminess and sweetness to balance out the rich flavors, having me "wow" after every bite.  The small potato wedges made a wonderful addition to the light sandwich.  My order was $7.25 and turned into two meals.  One part of that sandwich was large enough for an individual sitting.  The pita holds up in the refrigerator quite well, making a great next morning brunch.

Having lunch with Blader of the year, 2009, Alex Broskow. 

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