Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Food for Feet

I have begun writing a Food column called "Food for Feet" for Brian Krans and Jose Fuentes's website Blade or Die.  The website is a blader "digest".  It is a one stop click for all of the news you need on a single website.  Krans is a writer, a blader, and was a cook.  He even has his own published book.  

The food Column is focused on healthy tips made by a blader (me) for bladers to hopefully keep everyone blading for a very long time.  I love cooking and I love rollerblading so this is a perfect opportunity to put them all together.  There will be updates bi-monthly. 

My food blog and food column has even made the front page of the Valo website. 

This is my profile picture for my column, Food for Feet.  Check out my first article on the importance of breakfast and I even give my favorite Breakfast Sandwich recipe. 

Food for Feet: Breakfast Sandwich

Focus, concentration, and improved performance can be maximized by starting your day with breaking your overnight fast.
The first meal of the day kick starts the body’s metabolism, and a quality provides nutrients that increase energy.  By satisfying your hunger early on in the day, you can make better decisions with an increased reaction time, resulting in fewer injuries, and extending the all-important blade/fun time.
A healthy breakfast include a variety of whole grains, fruit, and a lean protein.
Small pastries, like a bagel or a muffin, have carbohydrates that provide easy-to-obtain, lasting energy.
Choose any type of fruit.  Bananas, for example, are high in potassium that prevent or eases cramped muscles. They are also a quick grab-and-go item you can carry with you.
An egg is one of the highest-quality proteins.  Eggs satiate — or makes you full — and can be cooked in many ways: hard-boiled, raw, scrambled, poached, and over-easy.
Here is a quick recipe for breakfast that has all of necessary components. For me, it has been a great way to start a day after heavy blading and a night of beer.

Chef Obe’s Breakfast Sandwich: 


Yield:   1 serving.
Butter Croissant, halved                     1 ea.
Ham, deli slices                                 2 oz.
Lettuce, Romaine                                 1 leaf.
Tomato                                                2 slices.
Red onion                                           1 slice.
Egg, overeasy                                     1 ea.
Cheese, Pepper Jack (optional)          1 ea.
Bacon (optional)                                  3 ea.

1.  Heat a non-stick pan with a thin layer of oil/butter till smoking.  Crack egg and gently pour into pan to avoid hot oil splashing.  With a non-stick spatula scrape raw whites around yolks towards the edge of the pan to ensure even cooking.  After egg whites have solidified gently flip egg to avoid yolk from breaking.  Cook for 30 seconds to keep yolk over easy.  Layer with cheese till melted and gooey.

2.  Begin layering sandwich with the bottom half of the Croissant.  Add deli ham, lettuce, tomato, onion, and over easy egg with optional cheese and bacon.  Complete sandwich with unused croissant.  Slice sandwich in 1/2.  Egg yolk will run over plate.  Use your sandwich as a sponge to sop up the excess yolk while enjoying.








Chef Michael Obedoza