Monday, August 2, 2010

Bubbies and Mochi ice-cream

Mochi ice-cream is a Japanese pastry.  Along Japanese New Years, sticky rice is pounded with large wooden sticks till it is able to roll out and wrap fruits, sweet beans, and ice-cream.  The japanese believe Mochi was made by Rabbits on the moon.  Bubbies, is one of the only few ice-cream restaurants, which is Hawaiian based, that has taken mochi to the next level.

The menu gives an overall feel to the location.  It was cafe styled and was inhabited by a lot of college students.  These were all of the flavors of the ice-cream.  The Mochi menu is the small one on the left. 

I was able to try strawberry, green tea, passion fruit, chocolate, cafe, honey dew, mint.  Each tasted like its actual flavoring, making enough presence to not be overbearing with the right amount of sweetness. 

Taking one last photo with my fantastic girls to end an amazing trip.