Monday, August 16, 2010

Breakfast with the Boss

If your unfamiliar with the extreme blading industry, Jon Julio, is the owner of Valo (my blade sponsor).  He is a legend in the rollerblading industry and has received numerous awards for his dedication.  Jon even has a character in the video game Aggressive Inline.  To the people who still Blade, it is a unanimous decision that he is leading our sport as our "president".  I caught him bright and early for breakfast.  He made a breakfast Sandwich.  Recipe follows....

J.J.'s Breakfast Sandwich
Yield: 1 serving

Bagel                                               1  ea.
Tomato Hummus                            4  Tbsp.
Roma Tomato, 1/4, Julienned         1  ea.
Egg, cooked over hard                    1  ea.
Romaine Lettuce leaf                      1  ea.
Cheddar Cheese, deli slice              1  ea.

1.  Heat non-stick pan with a thin layer of oil/butter till smoking.  Crack egg and gently pour into pan to avoid hot oil splashing.  With a non-stick spatula poke yolk several times to break.  Flip and cook egg all the way through.
2.  Cut the bagel by its width and spread hummus evenly on cut side.  Layer sandwich with cheese, lettuce, cooked egg, and tomato.
3.  Sit and enjoy with Starbucks Coffee PIKE PLACE TO GO Mug 16 oz 2008 Collection.