Friday, July 9, 2010

Steph's Wedding

Steph has been a positive influence on me since 1996. One of the few females who kept it cool with the Carson Bladers. The bladers in high school were a bunch of roughnecks. They preyed on your insecurities; skinny, fat, ugly... no one was safe. I gave much respect to the people that didn't cry or take it too serious.  Steph was one of them.  Well Steph moved on to do amazing things after high school. One of them was finding love and getting engaged to a "local boy".  The event was themed accordingly to its location, Hawaiian. 

Hand painted signs for directions

The Bride and the Groom

I wish I could say I took this photo but, I found it on one of Cheryl's albums.  They were super good and i just wanted to share with the reader that "feeling" of being at an event like this one.  Thank you. Sorry if you feel like I have violated your privacy.   it is just a picture, i didnt look at anything else. 


Family style food platters. 

Kahlua Pork, poi, and greens that were native to the area.  Everything was delicious.  Poi is taro that has this glue consistency and was overly starchy.  The pork had a smoky flavor with natural juices.  I ate that entire plate with a very large grin on my face. 

After the ceremony we decided to jump around.

This one is fucken sick.  

avoiding one in the ass

It doesn't count if you don't grab it.

Congratulations Jared and Steph David-Chapman