Friday, July 2, 2010

"if you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

    My flight to Hawaii was fast approaching and I still had no clue as to where I would be sleeping, what to pack, how I was going to get to the airport, and including a ride when I would arrive in Honolulu. It was exciting to just imagine that in 5 days I would be enjoying warm sun, relaxing crystal clear blue beaches, and the amazing women in bikini's. I began to narrow down some people of who would be attending Steph David's wedding. Bing! Brian Pascua. Brian is a mutual friend of Steph and I, and has been my ace since I had met him back in '95. He is one of my first friends out of grade school and into middle school. Him and I used to rollerblade when I first began in the summer of '97. It's now 15 years later and I still can count on him to save me with my last minute planning. Him and three of Steph's entourage; Andrea, Rianne, and Cheryl had a room with the rent-a-car and I was quickly in.

    Next, what to pack? I hate checking in bags, so minimal was the way to go. I just needed one big backpack. I decided to go with my trusty Senate Backpack. I figured it was Hawaii and on an island, it meant ocean and beaches. Thanks to my pair of Sanuk's, that are part sandal-part shoe, I would have a flip flop that I could hike in. I still did bring a pair of my Rainbow's just in case I wanted to air out my feet. One pair of shorts, two pairs of boxers, one nice button up, a hawaiian shirt, and my white T's all in one bag. Made sure to have a camera and I was gone.

    It was now 11:00 PM and my flight was in less than ten hours. I still hadn't put together a ride to LAX. My throat was beginning to get itchy. Signs of a cold were coming on. There was no way I would sit an hour and a half on public transportation to get to the airport and just spread my new found illness. I needed help from a friend fast. Who to call? I began to look on Twitter. I called Erick Rodriguez, and thank Poseidon, he answered. I explained the details and asked him politely to be at my house by 9:30am. No later cause boarding began at 10:00am for a 10:45am flight.

    I woke up E.Rod at 9:04am. Hoping that he didn't need much preparation cause I only live 15 minutes away. It was 9:30 and there were still no signs of my savior. Trying to remain positive, I paced back and forth in my driveway.   I kept telling myself, " It's not that late.   I'll make it on time.  I'll just have to run. I paid a lot of money for this. I have to get to that wedding."  I figured it was my fault, no one to blame.  "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  I should have planned this trip a lot better or I would not have been in this mess.  "fuck it".  If i make it, I do, if I don't, shit happens.  9:50AM he shows up. At this point I had no other options. All I could do was hope...

     Palms sweaty, I tried to keep it cool, as we sped on the 405 fwy heading north.  I continued to remind myself that things will be okay. That there were was some higher force out there that was looking out for me. I made it to the airport at 10:10 am. I sat in line waiting to go through security as the minutes were getting closer. The line was longer than I had expected.  Continously checking my phone's clock, I finally made it to the first checkpoint; i.d.'s and passport. I asked the attendant "will I be able to make it through the metal detector before 10:35 AM?" He replied "I don't think so but, the lady in the green coat will be able to help you." It was now 10:25 and I ran up the stairs passing up the rest of the line and found the lady in green. Told her my situation and she rushed me through the metal detector. Shoes off, barefooted, emptied my pockets, and sweater came off.  Passed through security with flying colors, put everything I took off, back on.  It was now 10:35 as I ran onto the airplane. I was the last one to board. Found my seat and sat back thinking, Phew that was a close one.

This was one of the pictures I got while on my way there. After that I was running.

Here is my complimentary food on Hawaiian Airlines.
Breakfast burrito that was served hot and my personal dessert - Tiramisu.  It may look bland but, the olives gave it a kick.  The dessert was delicious. 

After all of the madness, it was a "priceless" moment for my arrival.  Brian was on time at the airport.  The hotel room provides their guest with an authentic Hawaiian Pineapple that I gave a Chef Obe touch.

Ohana from Left to Right: Cheryl, Brian, Andrea, Rianne

Our Hotel's view.  Crystal clear beaches. 

Thumb punched some beers and hit up a bar. 

Next: Steph's wedding and the local Hawaiian food.