Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

BBQing on 4th of July is an essential.   My contribution to our potluck was mexican street corn.  Grilled and served with condiments.  Here is B. Smith and Leah enjoying some corn.  Read more for the recipe.

Mexican Street Corn.

Ear of corn          1   Ea.
Mayonnaise        2   Tbsp. 
Cayenne Pepper  1  Tbsp.
Lime Wedge        1  Ea.
Cotija Cheese      1 Tbsp.

1.  Remove husks of earn of Corn and Grill till slightly charred.
2.  Spread Mayonnaise on the Grilled Corn evenly coated.
3.  Dash cayenne around.
4.  Spritz Lime wedge around Corn.
5.  Crumble and spread Cotija Cheese over corn.  Eat whole. 

Here is J.C. enjoying a coke with his Red Jordan's.

Some Marinated chicken (that apparently wasn't cooked correctly)  There's homemade Guac on the top left that i forgot to take a picture of that was really awesome. - good job Jessica.


For Dessert there was a strawberry shortcake with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream.  (Red, White, and Blue) Here's Kevin with a plate.

4th of July = fireworks!

Happy Birthday America.