Friday, June 18, 2010

Opteka x-grip test

Joel Buenavista, is a filmer and editor, from Carson, CA. I grew up with Joel and have worked with him on several of my blading sections. Some of these include the Shock interviews that he has made for Steven Cortes, Ranier Piramide, and, the legend, Kevin Gillan. He has never sacrificed quality and is extremely good to work with because of his modest honesty. He continues to do amazing work and I was privileged to help him test out a new camera set up.

If you want to see some of his other work check out his vimeo website.

Joel Buenavista

The edit was featured on yesterday's posting for Valo.


Mike Obedoza Opteka X-Grip Test T2i from Joel Buenavista on Vimeo.

Ranier's old documentary.

and he edited this.