Thursday, June 17, 2010

L.A. Lakers 2010 NBA champions

The best part about L.A.

is taking the train to downtown.

There is a stop on the blue line called the Chick hearns station. It leads directly to where the Champions play at.

also in downtown I got to see some skateboarders getting kicked out. It's alright guys we know the feeling.

I finally got to Lonnie's Loft. He has such a sick view.

We did talk about the upcoming Fade Nation. When you buy the next Fade Nation you'll get to see how amazing Fritz P., Kruise S., and my favorite Rob G. section of all time. There were some minor technical things that he had to finish. There was no mention of a release date though. I just know the video is coming out soon. Lonnie doesn't want to deal with deadlines. He wants to deal with quality.

Before I caught the train back I did catch the $2.99 for 2 slices and a canned soda pizza Deal at

Pizza Next Door

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This was just one slice which, was a little bit larger than my hand. Jalapeno, pepperoni, mushrooms, and sausage. The pizza had stringy cheese. Slight layer of grease on the top. Medium thickness in crust and delivered a good balance of spicy found in the Italian Sausage and especially the Jalapeno's. The mushrooms added an umami flavor and pepperoni delivered some sweetness. Nice dough and good pie all around - especially at its price.

A special congratulations goes out to the 2010 Los Angeles Lakers NBA championships. Here is Lonnie and Brandon repping Los Angeles.