Saturday, June 5, 2010


L.A. All day, the skate comp, was in West L.A. in Santa Monica. Since Venice Beach was "en route" Kevin Gillan and I chose to check out the beach for a while. Venice beach has some fascinating people. But, it also has a new blade park that looked fudging amazing.

Kgeeeeezy checking the rail.

cement waves.

Venice Beach lifeguard towers

Tracy White getting the kids pumped.

a few minutes after entering the park I needed to get warmed up to blade. I have a phobia of keeping my camera in my pocket since I'm always sliding on my side if I miss a trick or something of the sort. I got to blade a fun play rail in the back, see some friends from jin joint and One Rollerblading Mag, got inspired with a kevin gillan overpuss, didn't qualify into the finals, and called it a saturday. It was amazing to see the amount of kids that are attending these events. Rollerblading is no where near to being dead. I change my wheels tonight and will be back to work on simply "blading better".

Tomorrow: Sunday morning blade sessions