Thursday, June 3, 2010

getting loose in the l.b.c.

The kitchen can be a stressful place in of itself due to having a ton load of work that has to be done in a short amount of time. On top of that, cooks work during hours that people normally get loose; afternoons and weekends. It has been months since I have allowed myself to take a day off from trying to get rollerblading clips on my free time and the other hustle and bustle of an american adult. So after a 30 minute blade session at my favorite park, 14th and pacific, in Long Beach with Kruise Sapstein, Erick Sauer, and Liv we headed to relax at my favorite beach, Sunset Beach, for beer thirty.

On Pine passing through downtown Long Beach.

Kruise doing the short change in public behind the towel.

The lifeguard patrolling. The boat patrolling in the background.

Sauer juggling battle with the asian bottle guy who came to the beach in his boxers.

Liv enjoying the pacific. (she's from chicago if you couldn't tell by her jersey)

The beach was filled with a lazy session of bocci ball and "tapping the rockies" in California. Afterwards we went back to Kruise's to determine what to eat. Being the rollerbladers that we are money is always an issue when it comes to food. No money, hungry, and drunk is the perfect time to exercise what I love, to cook. As a chef, it is my job to make something out of nothing to make people happy. So after taking a look in the fridge and seeing what they had in the kitchen, I made Breakfast Burritos with a mango Salsa. There was tomato salsa that was premade for those football parties that was already in a container. Not much was left (1/4 cup) and I just extended it by adding fresh mangos and green bellpeppers.

Breakfast Burrito with Mango Salsa
serves 4

Mango Salsa:
Mango, peeled, small dice 2 Each
Green Bell peppers, decored, small dice 1 each
Tomato salsa, pre-made 1/4 cup

1. Peel Mango. Take flesh from around the core and cut into 1/4 inch small cubes.
2. Split Bellpepper and remove seeds. Peel away the white ribs inside by running your knife through them. cut bell pepper into 1/4 inch small cubes.
3. Combine with tomato salsa and season with salt to taste. Taste with a corn tortilla chip for best results.

Eggs 12 each
Canadian Bacon, small dice 5 slices
Idaho Potato, small dice 2 each
Cheese, shredded 1 cup (in this case we used pepperjack and a cheddar blend)
Flour Tortillas 8 each

1. Beat Eggs in a bowl till yolks have broken and season with a pinch of salt and pepper. Heat a saute pan till its smoking and add enough oil to coat the bottom. Drop Beaten eggs into pan. Check to ensure egg is golden brown and then flip. Remove cooked eggs to a serving plate.
2. In the empty pan saute potatoes and canadian bacon till golden brown. Remove potatoes and bacon and serve with eggs and garnish with shredded cheese.
3. Over an open flame heat tortillas by placing it on the burner for 5 seconds and flip.
4. Add eggs, canadian bacon, and potatoes with mango salsa and a couple of dashes of tapatio in the tortilla