Sunday, May 30, 2010

my food looks funny

This website has a collection of food that is funny to look at. Here are some photos that I think are awesome. The website has many more.

humorous foods

I am definitely a Wall-E fan.

Funny Food Photos - EEEEEEEEEVE

This one is for my hipster homies.
funny food photos - Oh No, the Hipsters Have Infiltrated My Snack!

Poor cereal dude.
funny food photos - Harvey Has Been Sogged!

To all of my dudes, I hope you never get that "late text cause you forgot to use latex"
funny food photos - Congratulations on Your Walk of Shame!

Of course I had to throw something gangster in the mix.
funny food photos - This is What Happens When You Run Away With the Fork

This is hot and I'm not talking about the apple.
funny food photos - A Painful Way to Go

I submitted a photo as well. Here is my contribution. Fingers crossed I hope I get on the website. (photo's kind of weak compared to those other things but, funny none the less.)