Saturday, May 29, 2010


This is the movie teaser to Lonnie Gallegos's recent project, Fade Nation 3 - Green. The previous Fade Nations were collaborations with lonnie and Brandon Negrete. In my opinion this was the best thing to happen to rollerblading media. Negrete chose to move on to his own projects, so it will be interesting to see a film created with only Lonnie's style.

The movie is based out of Los Angeles. I was able to take some cool photos around the city. Including the one posted as my banner.

It is with a high honor for me to be sharing a section with the style-ful xsjado team manager, J.C. Rowe. I filmed most of my part last summer before acquiring my "9 to 5". Everyone in the movie is worth watching, I'm most excited to watch rob G and Kruise Sapstein's section. This is a biased opinion though since I hang out with these people outside of rollerblading. Check out Rob G on one of his edits for Green below that was found on his blog... it's definitely got a lot of soul.

controlled accidents

If you want more information about fade nation here is lonnie's blog.

fade nation