Thursday, May 27, 2010

After the Storm

My adventures since my last post:

1. Freedom's throat was severed by a job. I work at the hyatt hotel that is 29 miles away from my parents home as a cook. At least this job is fun. My regular work hours start when people are actually meeting up to go blade. So I have been rollerblading before work and doing the "man's" job in the afternoon to the late evenings. I normally work on the weekends and it has been 6 months since I was hired.

a. Since I have been hired, there were a lot of things that occured:

i. I had to take off a weekend in my first month to go to Vegas for the W.R.S. World Rolling Series finals. I met Bryan Bell (the director of my very first blade video; "making dreams reality") and had 2nd place call me his "fave". (blader that is)

ii. The holidays; Turkey Day, X-Mas, New Years. 2 out of those 3 holidays were spent at work. Turkey day was at my oldest sister's place. x-mas kicked the pantry's ass from a "service point-of-view". New Years was redemption for pantry and catching the after party.

iii. parents split. So do I have to move out or am I staying?

iv. Breakup with the Napa girlfriend.

v. Was rear ended by Brendan's white scion xb. The death to the Accord. =( It did give birth to the Black Nissan Frontier XE. =)

vi. my first ever bittercold showdown in Detroit, Michigan. Seeing snow still blows my mind.
- Cortes was going to fly out with me, but made the mistake of purchasing an incorrect return date and was left stranded at the airport with a refunded ticket and a weekend full of regrets.
-rollerbladed a home that had quarter pipes and a rail. The best mini pipe ever.
-Survived being stranded at the skatepark thanks to rollerblading family.
-Reunited with Chicago folks.
-Missed connecting flight in AZ because of delays in Detroit. Got to spend a night with the wackest of them all.

vii. Ms. Cale became Mrs. Cale in Fort Collins.

viii. The beginning of morning blade sessions. I wanna be a professional, so freaking bad.

chocolate chip ricotta pancakes topped with whipped cream and blueberries.