Monday, June 1, 2009

Moving out of the old lbc place

I went to visit J.C. yesterday. He was moving out of his/my old apartment. Brendan the roommate who had taken my place when I had to move up north had along with him, his girlfriend Jessica. He also had Kruise and Alex come by to help with the big move. Rachard stopped by just to make an entrance. But, I wanted to share some footage I got on my camcorder phone. I know it's not the best quality but this is awesome that we were destroying things from the 3rd floor into a dumpster that laid in the alley behind the apartment.

Kruise breaking drawers

Rachard breaking drawers.

After destroying some things, J.C. and I went to his new place. He lives here with Kevin. Kevin arrived shortly after going to his storage and recovered some old senate items. Here he found senate promotiona's that were used on the set of Friends.

This picture has two actual shots that the character Joey (Matt Leblanc) is clearly using a "Senate" back pack.

this last picture has an actual script that was used on the show.