Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How to make your own ghetto fabulous handle for a Canon HV

How to make your own ghetto fabulous handle for a Canon HV for under $3.00

2 - right arm bars 4". (these come in a variety of sizes 5", 8")
2 - 1/4" nuts
2 - 1/4 20-1/2 screws
1 - 1/4 20 - 3/4 screw
1 - nylon nut for a 1/4" screw
3 - washers
1 - grip (for this example I used an old handle from an old "the club" that was used for locking the steering wheel in my car)

The two "L" shape right arm bars were placed over each other in order to make a "U". The two holes were plugged with 1/2" screws to stabilize it. I had an old tri-pod around that had a cushion to put my camera onto the handle to avoid metal scratching my canon. This was placed on the base with and the 3/4" screw. This is where a nylon nut would be most effective. There was a bit of excess thread that stuck out which was where my camera was going to be screwed onto.

I then needed to figure out how to put my handle on. I bought a can of "great stuff" and used that as a filling. I have seen others use foam or grip for a tennis racket for this part of the handle.

After it had dried. I locked and loaded my camera I wish I could have bladed today but, poor weather conditions. But, I did get to capture this shot. I can't wait to use this bad boy on my blades. .

here is a little test shot.

This handle will allow me to get shots I wouldn't normally make. I was walking in the shot but, it did a lot better than how I would have handled it without the handle. I also shot this with the remote control. It made it easier to push the record button. I'll show some clips of blading with it once I get the chance.