Saturday, March 31, 2018

Skate Park Certification - Skate IA

Whoa.  This blog is old.  If I was to ask 23 y/o Mike Obedoza, "What this blog would contain?" in 10 years,  I don't think he would have responded with teaching an instructional class on How to teach Inline Skating at a Skatepark. 

Could you believe it? 2 of them passed my class.  

This program isn't anything new.  I worked off of what the Skate IA had previously created from actual teachers that have been doing this for 20+ years.  Using everything I have learned in previous experiences as a culinary school teacher's assistant and applying those same techniques to teach inline skating to a class everything came natural.  

Friday night was going over the why, what, and the who with a power point presentation.  Eww, powerpoint - just the sound of that name, makes me reach for a sip of coffee and begins to remind me of waking up, falling asleep in my chair cause my head fell off of my hand that was hoisting it.  But, when you're talking about something that you've been doing for 20+ years it comes extremely natural and since the class size was so small it was easy to keep the conversation engaged.  

The following day was taking all of the information and exercising all this new knowledge.  Truly giving these individuals tricks and skills on real life experiences practicing on becoming an instructor.     

It was kind of awesome to step back into a school setting.  

I got goosebumps just imagining these guys going out into the world and sharing these new found skills to get more people on skates.  

First of many and can't wait to begin my next class. 

If you're looking for more information feel free to visit skateIA

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Truspin Podcast with Michael Obedoza

Mike Obedoza - Truspin Podcast Skate IA
Truspin Podcast

I have a conversation with Steve John at the Truspin Podcast. 

Listen here

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Linda Vista Skatepark and the Adapt Video Premiere

I went to San Diego for the Adapt Brand premiere, to visit some family, and to skate the Linda Vista Skatepark with the dudes. 

I stopped by Donut shop, called Donut Touch.  What an interesting name.  Very filipino Fresh Off the Boat accent that would make the mistake with english being their second language.  
However, I believe they should rename the spot, do YES touch.  I didn't have a donut... I know we had just discussed a bunch of the name but, they have an amazingly cheesy breakfast sandwich.  I'm pretty sure I burnt the roof of my mouth.  Super hot and melty but, i don't regret any moment of it.  I lick my scars in pleasure knowing I had let my mouth enjoy this breakfast delicacy.