Monday, February 5, 2018

I Made A Light Saber Like In Star Wars

Thought I'd give you guys an update on my life right now as I've got a bunch of projects I have been juggling.  

First and foremost I have been organizing a lot of the basic things in my life which includes my Hard Drives, full of Blading footage that I have been accumulating since 2015.  

I feel bad. I'm sorry people for not doing something with that earlier.  

I started to put the footage together and am making a rollerBANGER video. 

Not that big of a deal like feet but, it'll be cool. 

I got new wheels from Seba.  Not my intention, as I was trying to get some wrist guards for the Skate IA, Skate Park Certification I am hosting on March 23-26, 2018 in Carson, CA at Veterans Skatepark.  

Register Here!

I also have been printing some new products, like this rollerBANGER sweater!

My garage still needs some cleaning to do but, I'll get back to that.  I had to squeeze in some time to go Blading. 

Watch the full video on my YouTube Channel.  

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Thanksgiving Turkey

14 LB Turkey

1. Pat Turkey down dry with a dry towel and remove any giblets, gizzards, and innards.
2.  Place in 400º F Oven for 45 minutes, checking every 15 minutes to make sure it doesn't burn, and cook to golden brown.
3.  Once at desired golden brown color, turn down oven to 325º F and allow to cook for 2 more hours or until internal temperature has reached 170ºF.
4.  Rest for 30 minutes, carve, and serve to happy kids. 

For the full demo check out my vlog:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hamachi Sushi Rolls

Hamachi Sushi Rolls

Yield: 4 Happy Friends & 1 Happy Blading Chef


Sushi Rice - 2 Cups
Mizkan - Powdered Sushi Mix - 1 Pouch
Hamachi (Yellowtail) - Sashimi Grade - 1 1/2 LBS

1.  Rinse rice thrice or until water runs clear.
2.  Steam 4 cups of water to 2 cups of rice until kernels are cooked.
3.  Allow rice to aerate in a wide bowl to allow steam to evaporate until it is at room temperature.
4.  Fold powdered sushi mix into rice.
5.  Clean Fish accordingly and fold small rice balls into 1 inch pieces.
6.  Lay cleaned pieces of fish over it.

This recipe is extremely loose cause in one of my first vlogs I ran out of camera battery and didn't get to show the mixing process of the spicy tuna rolls as seen above.  I promise that I will improve as I didn't begin vlogging just until recently and wanted to give something that everyone can walk away with and at least try at home.

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Thank you!

- Obe
Blading w/ Chef Knives